Descartes : Rethinking metaphysics
All around Descartes tells him that Christian metaphysics of his time is no longer able to support the building of new knowledge emerge. The Copernican heliocentrism and Galileo bumps against geocentrism in the Bible. Descartes therefore has a big project: Redefining the foundation of the building of knowledge, replacing the old Christian metaphysics with something modern. The father of modernity has spoken!
Clearthoughts  -  October 17, 2014


 (C)We must rethink metaphysics.
 (P1)Christian metaphysics no longer supports modern knowledge and thus hinders the advancement of knowledge.
 (P2)We must follow and believe the holy texts of Christianity.
 (P3)But modern knowledge contradict the "truths" of the Bible.
 (P6)So the Church sets up the Inquisition to force people to follow the path of the Bible.
 (P7)Example, Galileo confirms the hypothesis of Copernicus and shows (the invention of the telescope) heliocentrism, which contradicts the Bible geocentri
 (P4)The Church has a monopoly on the truth.
 (P5)But the Church is concerned that modern science comes to its knowledge with rational proofs.

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