Does chi energy exist?
Yes it does, since the theories its based on have real backing, from proven things like acupuncture and therapies like emotional freedom therapy. Also certain excersises that originate from these theories called chikung, specificly talk about the precautions before starting those meditative exercises, many people in places like china who practice these can get very sick if not teached by a proper instructor. If you take psychiatric drugs and you practice any of the chinese meditative/breathing you can get very sick including severe sensation of cold in your head, alot of dizzyness, extreme anxiety and other serious issues. Again, many techniques including the ones i mentioned function because of chi. Thousands of people around the world also benefit from all kinds of herbal remedies and other things that work with the chi energy.
alex398  -  February 17, 2015


 (C)You can feel chi by doing chikung exercises, that have many common features for evryone like feeling pins and needles in between your hands.

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